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Easy plant-based meals and lunches for mom’s on the run!

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Hi! I'm Shan.

Welcome to the PlantFare community, I’m so glad you joined us!


As a plant-based cook, soccer-mom, and triathlete I love experimenting with delicious food to keep everyone in our family healthy, strong, feeling good and performing at our best. Our family has been eating a plant-based diet since 2015 when we started experimenting with it as a way to promote health. I’ve always believed a natural approach to working with the body brings about better results. Coping with digestive issues and food sensitivities had left our family feeling like the food we were eating was letting us down. Copious amounts of reading, research and experimentation led us down this path and once we made the change as a family we all started feeling better. We’re hooked!


Eating plant-based with kids is rewarding but it does come with its challenges. The world of uninspiring kids menus and processed food doesn’t always make healthy choices easy. We’re all on the run these days leaving us less time in the kitchen, finding ourselves eating meals on the go and struggling to carve out time to shop for healthy food that is easy to prepare.


That’s why I started PlantFare.


Think of this as a welcoming place to land. A group of friends you can sit around and chat with about food, families and healthy plant-based eating while we are all juggling life. After all, what we all really want is health for our kids, for our families and for ourselves. I hope we can take a step in that direction together!


Thanks for visiting!


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